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The Week of Renewal

March 19-24
The Week of Renewal
March 19-24
56 celebrities born this week
• Ali Hewson, 57
Structured Curiosity
• Alyson Hannigan, 44
Amplified Beguiling Simplicity
• Andrew Lloyd Webber, 70
Graceful Direct Current
• Bob Costas, 66
Revelational Direct Current
• Brad Hall, 60
Aware Clarity
• Bruce Willis, 63
Expressed Dogged Persistence
• Carl Reiner, 96
Disciplined Labyrinth
• Catherine Keener, 59
Compassionate Curiosity
• Chaka Khan, 65
Freed Curiosity
• David Thewlis, 55
Versatile Labyrinth
• Eddie Money, 69
Empowered Clarity
• Gary Oldman, 60
Aware Clarity
• Glenn Close, 71
Liberated Dogged Persistence
• Harvey Weinstein, 66
Revelational Dogged Persistence
• Holly Hunter, 60
Aware Labyrinth
• Hope Davis, 54
Tender Curiosity
• James Patterson, 71
Liberated Direct Current
• Jason Kidd, 42
Introspective Curiosity
• Jessica Chastain, 41
Instructional Beguiling Simplicity
• Jorma Taccone, 41
Instructional Dogged Persistence
• Justine Ezarik, 34
Liberated Labyrinth
• Kathy Ireland, 55
Versatile Labyrinth
• Keisha Castle-Hughes, 28
Released Beguiling Simplicity
• Kelly LeBrock, 58
Grounded Beguiling Simplicity
• Kelly Perine, 49
Passionate Curiosity
• Keri Russell, 42
Introspective Curiosity
• Kevin Federline, 40
Disciplined Clarity
• Lake Bell, 39
Solved Beguiling Simplicity
• Lara Flynn Boyle, 48
Extended Beguiling Simplicity
• Lena Olin, 63
Expressed Direct Current
• Louie Anderson, 65
Freed Beguiling Simplicity
• Matthew Broderick, 56
Resolute Clarity
• Michael Rapaport, 48
Extended Labyrinth
• Michelle Monaghan, 42
Introspective Curiosity
• Mister Rogers, 90
Translated Labyrinth
• Pat Riley, 73
Original Labyrinth
• Perez Hilton, 40
Disciplined Curiosity
• Peyton Manning, 42
Introspective Beguiling Simplicity
• Philip Roth, 85
Extended Dogged Persistence
• Princess Eugenie of York, 28
Released Curiosity
• Rachel Blanchard, 42
Introspective Dogged Persistence
• Rani Mukherjee, 40
Disciplined Clarity
• Reese Witherspoon, 42
Introspective Direct Current
• Richard Grieco, 53
Translated Curiosity
• Rosie O’Donnell, 56
Resolute Clarity
• Ruth Pointer, 72
Experienced Dogged Persistence
• Spike Lee, 61
Influential Labyrinth
• Star Jones, 56
Resolute Beguiling Simplicity
• Stephen Sondheim, 88
Satisfied Direct Current
• Tia Barr, 30
Transcendent Labyrinth
• Timothy Dalton, 74
Versatile Clarity
• Tommy Hilfiger, 88
Satisfied Beguiling Simplicity
• Ursula Andress, 82
Consolidated Dogged Persistence
• William Hurt, 68
Wondrous Labyrinth
• William Shatner, 87
Individualized Direct Current
• Wolf Blitzer, 70
Graceful Direct Current
Personality of The Week of Renewal
        Those born during the Week of Renewal are unusually direct in their approach to life, and their outspokenness can make them alternately admired or misunderstood.

     These are basic, elemental individuals. The puzzling thing about them is that although they themselves think that they see things in a simple and unclouded way, those who know them well often describe them as unrealistic dreamers, unable to get a handle on the harsh realities of the world. They outwardly present a dynamic directness that often belies a sensitive, emotionally complex, even troubled inner life. Thus they are doers as well as dreamers and have a no-nonsense, “what you see is what you get” attitude that actually tells only part of the story.

     Misunderstandings about them abound. Out of the purest motives possible, for example, they may make a generous offer, perhaps of time or money. Yet before you know it, they are being accused of acting holier-than-thou, or of behaving condescendingly when those on the receiving end feel resentment. Meanwhile, they feel bewildered and hurt. Such scenarios are not uncommon in their lives. As a matter of fact, the more simply and directly they behave, the more others misread their intentions.

     This directness inevitably arouses antagonism. However, those who are unwise enough to oppose them directly will quickly regret it. In addition, because of their quickness in grasping concepts and, often, in implementing their intuitive hunches, they may encounter resistance from those who move more slowly. Such a response has little effect on them, only arousing their impatience. Thus, particularly in group endeavors they must learn to curb their impetuosity, to listen to the often helpful suggestions of others, to slow their tempo and come into synch with the group rhythm. Ultimately, they must learn to weigh alternatives carefully before speaking or acting. Once they accomplish this, their logic can be remarkably persuasive and their thoroughness compelling.

     Although their effect on people should teach them that something about their own behavior is amiss, they generally refuse to change. They cannot really see any fault in what they do since, in their view, they are acting out of pure intentions. In the end, they often do get their way, whether by forging ahead without letup or by just sticking to their guns until the other party gives in.

     Dealing with failure can be particularly difficult. Since outright failure is not really in their vocabulary, when confronted with unavoidable defeat they are often baffled and bewildered. But their defense mechanisms in this respect are superb, and they are often spared defeat simply by their refusal to recognize it. They are not usually so unrealistic as to mistake losing for winning, but they do often view losing as just a partial setback on the way to a victory only temporarily postponed.

     Others can learn, however, how to deal with them successfully. One of the main rules is not to dig too deeply into their motives or to urge them to explain themselves. Another is not to try to analyze their personalities, or even to push them toward self-analysis. Yet those who use example rather than precept in encouraging them gently to be more objective about themselves can meet with success. This is not to say that they can’t learn from their own mistakes, simply that they must from time to time be encouraged to do so.

     Another, even simpler route to getting along with them is just to do what they say, at least for the time being. If you can come up with a better idea later, they will be prepared to listen, but rarely if ever in their first burst of enthusiasm. It is important to recognize how important impulses, hunches, and first actions are to these individuals. Blunting or negating their intuitions with advice and alternative suggestions can easily alienate them forever. Rarely, however, will anyone succeed in breaking their spirit or damping their forward movement for long.

     In relationships, they can be faithful partners, although their faithfulness may be more emotional than literal. They can love deeply and passionately, in other words, giving a great deal of attention to their love object, but at the same time they are not always monogamous; their intuitive, fiery side is always vulnerable to some exciting new prospect that suddenly appears. Their partner is generally the one expected to play the more stable, long-suffering role. Not that they themselves demand monogamy from their mate; actually, in many cases, a relationship that is more open on both sides suits them better, since it allays any guilt they might feel about their own indiscretions.

     Those born during the Week of Renewal generally function better as parents than they did as children, feeling more loyalty and responsibility to their offspring than they did to their elders when they were younger. Family can have surprisingly strong meaning for these highly independent souls, but family in the larger sense, including friends and associates as well as kin.
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Energy of the week
    Starting up new projects is an activity particularly favored during the Week of Rebirth. Making plans for the future, designing, getting a project off the ground are all more likely to succeed at this time. However, disappointments over things not working out must be guarded against, since they can easily tip over into a full-blown depression.
    Learning patience is your most important task.

     Develop social skills through working alongside others.

     Try to curb your impetuous side—weigh alternatives and consider consequences before speaking or acting.

     Get to know yourself better.
    Spike Lee

     Brooklynite Spike Lee burst onto the film scene after his graduation from New York University Film School. Like others born during the Cusp of Rebirth, Lee has been both a dreamer and a doer, often misunderstood. He has done more than any other director to present the modern African-American experience in an uncompromising fashion. In “Do the Right Thing” and “Malcolm X,” Lee’s unique mix of politics and history promoted a more aware spirit in American cinema. His films aim for clarity with sharp and uncompromising accents, revealing an underlying sensitivity, which are all characteristic of those born during the Cusp of Rebirth.

     Holly Hunter

     Achieving fame in the film “The Piano,” Holly Hunter conveys an image and presence far beyond her diminutive size. She typifies an indomitable spirit and refusal to be slowed down that are characteristic of those born during the Cusp of Rebirth. Chameleon-like, she is able to play a wide variety of roles with apparent ease, emphasizing her Transcender side, and to uncompromisingly project her direct and piercing energies, a Dynamo trait. She can also portray a character who acts straightforward but is hard to read, typical traits of those born during the Cusp of Rebirth. Few birth images in film match that of Holly in “The Piano,” when she frees herself under water from her parlor grand and rises to the surface to be reborn.

     Johann Sebastian Bach

     How fitting that the spring equinox, the beginning of the Personology year, should be the birthday of Johann Sebastian Bach. Viewed by many as the ultimate source of classical music, Bach combined the many strands of earlier Renaissance and Baroque music and also created new and highly original forms. The German Bach family included many professional musicians from the 16th to the 18th centuries. The family name means “brook” and symbolically suggests never ending movement, clear and flowing from a pure source. The deeply religious Transcender element and the dynamic Dynamo drive are mixed in Bach’s music, which is highly complex structurally yet simple in its appeal.

     Other Cusp of Rebirth Notables

     Stephen Sondheim, Matthew Broderick, Pamela Harriman, Pat Riley, Gary Oldman, Glenn Close, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Joan Crawford, William Shatner, Bruce Willis, Ingrid Kristiansen, Akira Kurosawa, Chaka Khan, Moses Malone, William Jennings Bryan, Serge Diaghilev, Philip Roth, Ruth Page, George Benson, Ursula Andress, B.F. Skinner, Jesus Alou, Lynda Bird Johnson, Pat Bradley, Fanny Farmer, Wyatt Earp, Wernher von Braun, Steve McQueen, Clyde Barrow, Wilhelm Reich.
    The Week of Renewal marks the advent of Spring, at which point in the year day and night are again equal in length. A mixture of the Month of the Transcender and the Month of the Dynamo, those born during this week combine the former’s sensitivity and spirituality with the latter’s kinetic, boundless energies. Thus they may sometimes appear very inward and quiet, at others more forceful, and so making them not at all easy to understand in general.
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