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The Week of the Perfectionist

September 25-October 2
The Week of the Perfectionist
September 25-October 2
72 celebrities born this week
• Aida Turturro, 56
Studied Symbiotic Satirist
• Amanda Detmer, 47
Released Ambiguous Hero
• Andrew Dice Clay, 61
Introspective Charged Reactor
• Angie Dickinson, 87
Wondrous Glaring Truth
• Annie Leibovitz, 69
Individualized Verbal Acuity
• Avril Lavigne, 34
Modulated Ambiguous Hero
• Barbara Walters, 87
Wondrous Symbiotic Satirist
• Ben E. King, 80
Influential Heartbreaker
• Bryan Ferry, 73
Tender Patient Practice
• Bryant Gumbel, 70
Satisfied Charged Reactor
• Camilla Belle, 32
Discovered Verbal Acuity
• Carre Otis, 50
Wondrous Heartbreaker
• Catherine Zeta-Jones, 49
Transcendent Symbiotic Satirist
• Cheryl Tiegs, 71
Innocent Symbiotic Satirist
• Christina Milian, 36
Tender Patient Practice
• Christopher Titus, 52
Graceful Top Dog
• Dita Von Teese, 46
Mastered Heartbreaker
• Don McLean, 73
Tender Verbal Acuity
• Donna Karan, 70
Satisfied Verbal Acuity
• Eric Stoltz, 57
Confident Glaring Truth
• Fran Drescher, 61
Introspective Glaring Truth
• Groucho Marx, 128
Translated Verbal Acuity
• Gwyneth Paltrow, 46
Mastered Ambiguous Hero
• Hal Sparks, 49
Transcendent Symbiotic Satirist
• Heather Locklear, 57
Confident Symbiotic Satirist
• Hilary Duff, 31
Passionate Heartbreaker
• Ian McShane, 76
Trusted Charged Reactor
• Jack LaLanne, 104
Extended Patient Practice
• James Caviezel, 50
Wondrous Patient Practice
• Janeane Garofalo, 54
Enchanted Heartbreaker
• Jenna Elfman, 47
Released Glaring Truth
• Jerry Lee Lewis, 83
Articulate Charged Reactor
• Jillian Reynolds, 52
Graceful Patient Practice
• Jimmy Carter, 94
Confident Top Dog
• Julie Andrews, 83
Articulate Top Dog
• Kelly Ripa, 48
Revelational Verbal Acuity
• Lacey Chabert, 36
Tender Glaring Truth
• Lech Walesa, 75
Resolved Charged Reactor
• Leilani Sarelle, 52
Graceful Heartbreaker
• Lil Wayne, 36
Tender Ambiguous Hero
• Linda Hamilton, 62
Reformed Patient Practice
• Lorraine Bracco, 63
Amplified Verbal Acuity
• Mahatma Gandhi, 149
Studied Verbal Acuity
• Mark Hamill, 67
Extended Symbiotic Satirist
• Mark McGwire, 55
Original Top Dog
• Martina Hingis, 38
Resolved Glaring Truth
• Meat Loaf, 71
Innocent Ambiguous Hero
• Melissa Sue Anderson, 56
Studied Patient Practice
• Michael Douglas, 74
Seductive Symbiotic Satirist
• Michaele Salahi, 53
Liberated Top Dog
• Mira Sorvino, 51
Empowered Heartbreaker
• Monica Bellucci, 50
Wondrous Glaring Truth
• Moon Zappa, 51
Empowered Heartbreaker
• Naomi Watts, 50
Wondrous Heartbreaker
• Olivia Newton-John, 70
Satisfied Patient Practice
• Randy Quaid, 68
Passionate Top Dog
• Rex Reed, 80
Influential Verbal Acuity
• Richard Herd, 86
Devoted Patient Practice
• Robert Benton, 86
Devoted Charged Reactor
• Rupert Friend, 37
Versatile Top Dog
• Serena Williams, 37
Versatile Patient Practice
• Shaun Cassidy, 60
Instructional Ambiguous Hero
• Sofia Milos, 53
Liberated Ambiguous Hero
• Stephanie Miller, 57
Confident Charged Reactor
• Sting, 67
Extended Verbal Acuity
• T-Pain, 35
Experienced Glaring Truth
• Tom Bosley, 91
Experienced Top Dog
• Truman Capote, 94
Confident Glaring Truth
• Wilford Brimley, 84
Freed Ambiguous Hero
• Will Smith, 50
Wondrous Symbiotic Satirist
• William Rehnquist, 94
Confident Top Dog
• Zach Galifianakis, 49
Transcendent Top Dog
Personality of The Week of the Perfectionist
        Those born during the Week of the Perfectionist are often highly attractive personalities, yet they are not overly social ones. This can create problems for them, for although they have a great need to be in the limelight, they have a greater need to spend time alone. Many are not really cut out for public life at all, and some of them may give up a socially oriented career to spend more time on personal, private, anonymous enterprises. Indeed it is not at all uncommon for them to work a quite ordinary job, while devoting their real interest and energy to hobbies or other part-time endeavors.

     They have undeniable perfectionist tendencies, which may infuse every area of their lives with a desire to find out what’s wrong and to try to fix it. This theme of putting things right reflects their knowledge and technical know how, and also their conviction that they know what’s best for those around them.

     In their drive for perfection, they are prone to apply their often mercilessly high standards equally to themselves and to those around them. At the heart of their perfectionism may well lie a voice from their childhood constantly telling them that they aren’t good enough. Their critical attitudes can certainly run out of hand, and this can make them extremely difficult to live with. In areas of their daily lives, from the workplace to the kitchen to the bedroom, they may have checklists that they apply exactingly, leaving little room for failure or neglect on the part of the other person.

     Do not be surprised if their hunger for perfection sometimes drives them to become obsessive and compulsive. In an attempt to master their material, they may adopt overly rigid routines. Those involved with them on a daily basis will appreciate their savvy but may come to resent their inability to leave things alone. “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it” is a lesson that all of them will have to learn sooner or later.

     Insecurity drives them to be overachievers. They are extremely thorough in carrying out their plans, and in bringing their activities to a successful conclusion. Thus, while they are often seen as highly successful, those around them do not always appreciate how unsettled their inner life actually is. Their inflexibility in laying down rules for themselves, and their refusal to compromise their ideals, puts them under tremendous pressure, which may drive them equally to success or to despair.

     These people have intense personalities and are capable of great achievements. Yet they can be torn by indecision, even spending years trying to make up their minds what course to follow. At times they may put so much time and exertion into a nonproductive effort, perhaps a hobby or a relationship, that they leave themselves little time or energy for more positive endeavors. Highly challenged by problems, they may find it difficult to give up, fail or even admit that they have been wasting their time.

     Such individuals are usually quite emotionally complex. They often give an impression of coolness that masks a maelstrom of inner emotions. They have a tendency not only to get bottled up inside but to resist the attempts of others to help them out. Mastery of their feelings is usually a high priority for them, the danger being that their conscious self-control may over time become unconscious repression, a difficult state to rectify. The challenge of penetrating to the emotional core of these fascinating and challenging individuals may keep their intimates busy for a lifetime.

     Their inability to share or discuss their feelings at a deep level, however, may ultimately prove debilitating to any relationship. Those personally involved with them would do best to keep feelings out in the open from the start, even to the point of insisting that they vent their emotions, whether positive and negative–not only happiness, joy and love but anger, jealousy, dislike and even hatred. Once both parties’ feelings are made known, and the air has cleared, issues of vital concern to each person can be reasonably discussed rather than being avoided.

     Swings between overinterest and disinterest may also have an adverse effect on the stability of their relationships. Their lovers and mates may enjoy their sexual intensity but may ultimately need to withdraw a bit in order to establish a private space. On the other hand, they are just as capable of ignoring those they live with, particularly when absorbed in their own work, leaving their partners a tad frustrated.

     Those born during the Week of the Perfectionist have a wry sense of humor and often a biting wit, which can express itself in many forms, but principally in irony and sarcasm. Their humor is not generally intended to hurt, however, or even to make others laugh, but to make them think. They can make scathing criticisms that may wound those close to them deeply, yet they probably don’t fully realize the emotional effects of their statements. If they want to live harmoniously with those who care for them, they must become more tactful and gentle in expressing their dissatisfaction.
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Energy of the week
    During this week we would all do well to keep our critical impulses and judgmental attitudes under control.

     Although biting one’s tongue can be difficult, it may be necessary if we are to avoid inflicting hurt on others. Moreover, our tendency to butt into other people’s business is apparent now, and this too should be kept under control.

     An ongoing interest in gossip should be expected. Our ability to express ourselves using the written and spoken word is pronounced during this period and should be taken advantage of both in our work and private lives.

     The greatest challenge will be to find an acceptable way to show our feelings.
    Cultivate self-confidence.

     Beware of being too aggressive in your criticism of others—your bark can bite.

     Be consistent in your stance.

     Fight the impulse to procrastinate, but at the same time resist interfering with things that work, even if they do not meet your expectations.

     Mistakes are just part of the game.
    Brigitte Bardot

     Like many people born during the Week of the Perfectionist, sex goddess Brigitte Bardot had the intense need to be in the limelight. Eventually, she quit her film career to devote herself to animal-rights interests, which had previously been more of a hobby. Her pout and revealing clothes became a trademark in the 1950s, when her first film, “And God Created Woman,” caused a furor over its sexually explicit material. Her first interviews in America show her fully living up to her movie image. In turning her social involvement to more personal and meaningful work, she is typical of many born this week.

     Groucho Marx

     Leader of the zany “Marx Brothers,” Groucho Marx was the most outspoken, sharp and ironic of the three, as might be expected of a person born during the Week of the Perfectionist. His quick repartee and off-the-cuff quips became his trademark and continued after his film career, when he hosted the popular television quiz show “You Bet Your Life.” Groucho’s appeal was primarily verbal but he also duckwalked, lifted his eyebrows and wielded his cigar with telling effect. Brothers Chico and Harpo, writers S.J. Perelman and George Kaufmann and Paramount Pictures all deserve credit, but in the final analysis, it was Groucho who was most important in the success of their films. “The Marx Brothers” had a tremendous impact on succeeding generations of comics, and their popularity continues unabated.

     Glenn Gould

     Canadian pianist Glenn Gould once occasioned conductor George Szell to quip, “The nut’s a genius!” A perfectionist to the Nth degree, Gould caused many recording executives, engineers and conductors to pull out their hair over the years and ultimately was at his best working alone. Gould’s antics included arriving for recording sessions bundled in a fur coat and gloves in the heat of summer, insisting on playing seated on a beat-up chair his father made for him, singing and conducting himself as he played and, perhaps most unnerving for other musicians, not paying a whole lot of attention to them. His achievements include some of the finest renditions of Bach and pre-Bach music. Gould’s legendary technique forced pedagogues to reexamine many of their assumptions about piano playing.

     Other Week of the Perfectionist Notables

     George Gershwin, Edith Abbott, William Faulkner, Sting, Heather Locklear, Bryant Gumbel, Anita Ekberg, Madeline Kahn, Mark Hamill, Gwyneth Paltrow, Scottie Pippen, Jimmy Carter, Donny Hathaway, Dmitri Shostakovich, Michael Douglas, Truman Capote, Mahatma Gandhi, Jane Smiley, Marcello Mastroianni, Christopher Reeve, Julie London, Annie Leibovitz, Lynn Anderson, Samuel Adams, Mike Schmidt, Heather Watts, Meat Loaf, Bud Powell, Caravaggio, Ed Sullivan, Jerry Lee Lewis, Barbara Walters, Olivia Newton-John, Kathy Whitworth, Brigitte Bardot, Lech Walesa, Angie Dickinson, Julie Andrews.
    Those born during the Week of the Perfectionist are critical of both their own works and those of others.

     Although as attractive and talented as any in the year, those born this week are perhaps held back in their striving for success by this very self–critical attitude, insisting on technical perfection and often overemphasizing their appearance.

     Because of their insistence on perfection–in everything around them–they can be difficult individuals to live or work with. Although they appear cool, they may be fighting to keep their volatile emotions under control. They must beware of a tendency to try to fix things that do not really need fixing.
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