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The Day of the Supportive Partner

August Twenty-Sixth
The Day of the Supportive Partner
August Twenty-Sixth
10 celebrities born this day
• Branford Marsalis, 55
Solved Supportive Partner
• Cassie Ventura, 29
Discovered Supportive Partner
• Chris Pine, 35
Confident Supportive Partner
• Geraldine Ferraro, 80
Mastered Supportive Partner
• Keke Palmer, 22
Responsible Supportive Partner
• Macaulay Culkin, 35
Confident Supportive Partner
• Melissa McCarthy, 45
Revelational Supportive Partner
• Mother Teresa, 105
Innocent Supportive Partner
• Shirley Ann Manson, 49
Innocent Supportive Partner
• Thalía, 44
Released Supportive Partner
Personality of The Day of the Supportive Partner
        Those born on August 26 rarely assume the most conspicuous position in a business, family or social function, generally preferring to work along with others toward a common goal. More specifically, many August 26 people are bound emotionally to a more powerful or outgoing individual, perhaps a sibling, mate or friend who garners attention. For this reason, some August 26 people have to struggle for recognition. Inside they know their own worth, but the world is not always quick to recognize it. If those born on this day remain content with a supporting role, or are patient enough to wait for their time to lead, they will be happy and industrious; if not they may become frustrated and unproductive.

     Those born on this day who work alone may appear to others as lonely and isolated. It is true that some August 26 people are possessed by feelings of self-pity and become ultrasensitive to all forms of negativity and rejection. If, however, these loners have a strong will they will hang in their for years, and whether they receive any great reward or not, will toil on in a steady, uncomplaining fashion.

     August 26 people generally make excellent parents, as they understand the importance of structure and organization in the lives of children. Those with little ambition are usually pretty relaxed in the demands they make on their offspring. If, however, they are frustrated due to lack of talent or recognition in their own career, they must beware of placing the burden of their dreams on their more gifted children and pushing them too hard.

     Many August 26 people enjoy working behind the scenes, and in exceptional cases can be the moving force behind a well-known individual or group. Not only team players, they actually take satisfaction in remaining unseen and anonymous; rather than fretting for lack of attention, they may actually luxuriate in the freedom, as they see it, of doing their work without much ego interference. Such dedicated individuals are usually worth their weight in gold to a family or business.

     Sooner or later, however, August 26 people may stop (often in their fifties and sixties) and ask “Hey, what’s in it for me?” or “My God, what’s happened to my life?” At that time they are quite capable of giving up selfless activities and striking out on a whole new path. Although this can come as a shock to those who have depended on them or perhaps taken them for granted, such August 26 people will probably feel that they deserve their new-found freedom, suffering little or no guilt when making the change.
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Those born on August 26 must beware of ignoring physical symptoms of disease. Although they may be thoughtful people, who generally take the time to make intelligent choices, fears of health problems or doctors may keep them from seeking a physician or therapist. Also, while greatly attentive to the health of their family and friends, they are quite capable of ignoring their own. An observant and helpful family member or colleague can be invaluable to August 26 people in alerting them to symptoms. The natural orderly tendencies of those born on this day make them likely to have healthy and regular sleep patterns, eating habits and exercise routines. Both as cooks and eaters they should make an effort to expand their culinary horizons, experimenting with new and exciting foods, rather than settling for bland or unimaginative fare.
Two shapes in a painting, happening in the same space create a time between them—a kind of rhythmical occurance
Sometimes being too accepting is not good. Learn to stand up for yourself; be more forceful in demanding rights in return for the work you do. Don’t live through others; take the lead yourself sometimes.
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