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The Day of Motivation

June Thirtieth
The Day of Motivation
June Thirtieth
8 celebrities born this day
• Cheryl Cole, 35
Experienced Motivation
• David Alan Grier, 62
Responsible Motivation
• Desi Lydic, 37
Versatile Motivation
• Fantasia Barrino, 34
Liberated Motivation
• Lizzy Caplan, 36
Original Motivation
• Michael Phelps, 33
Graceful Motivation
• Mike Tyson, 52
Innocent Motivation
• Ralf Schumacher, 43
Reformed Motivation
Personality of The Day of Motivation
        It is extremely difficult to get June 30 people to do something toward which they are not personally motivated. Those born on this day are usually of two types, introvert or extrovert, both of whom have highly personal goals. Their world is indeed a private one to which few are admitted. More introverted June 30 people will most often manifest a lifestyle in which they stick close to home (often working out of their own house). Their lives are so well circumscribed that favorite haunts are basically just an extension of the home situation—safe, secure, known. More extroverted June 30 people may appear to be mild-mannered until they reveal themselves in a performance situation. Here they must be careful that their flamboyance does not get out of control.

     Almost all June 30 people have highly developed technical talents, even to the point of virtuosity. They make formidable opponents, rarely at a loss to defend themselves; this ability, however, is most often exclusively either mental or physical. More introverted June 30 people must beware of a tendency to repress their aggressions. Often those born on this day are unable to express these feelings out of a fear that they will injure themselves or someone else.

     A more extroverted June 30 person expresses his/her aggression, being extremely competitive, but runs the risk of becoming violent; such a person is a fascinating but dangerous adversary. Paradoxically, however, when these extroverts are alone with those they are comfortable with, or publicly engaged in discussion, they can give the appearance of passivity, even docility.

     Both types of June 30 people frequently appear to be other than what they really are, depending on the situation, who is present, and their moods, which are generally more severe in men than women born on this day. This quality may make them somewhat mysterious. Because those born on this day are often unknown even to themselves, they will benefit from self-examination.

     June 30 people have an undeniable talent for handling money, whether their own or others’. Their astute financial sense often attracts others to them and puts them in a position to give helpful advice. They are extremely sharp in making cost calculations, thus maximizing profit while minimizing expense.

     The personal motivation at work in June 30 people often manifests in a hobby or out-of-the-way pursuit which interests them still more than their profession, and they will not hesitate to pour unlimited energy into this area. When, however, they are in touch with their environment and the wishes of others, they can also be valuable contributors to society at large. Those born on this day should actively seek out activities involving trust, give-and-take and social exchange. Because June 30 people will only let very few into their private world, being chosen as their friend can be a true compliment.
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June 30 people must beware of hypochondria based on a host of minor complaints. Upsets of the digestive system, lungs and psyche are most common. As far as diet is concerned, those born on this day must beware of a tendency not to eat during times of depression. Balance is the key for them and they should avoid or control food binges, cravings or obsessions if possible. Some June 30 people will only eat food cooked by someone they love and trust; they should, of course, know how to cook for themselves and at the same time treat themselves a bit more gently. Moderate exercise, such as walking or swimming, is recommended for those born on this day.
First man learned to stand—then he learned to sit
Learn to like yourself more. See what you can do for others. Channel your aggressions into creative pursuits if possible. Uncover your fears and work on them. Don’t allow yourself to retreat into a shell.
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