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The Day of Clarity

March Twenty-First
The Day of Clarity
March Twenty-First
8 celebrities born this day
• Brad Hall, 58
Aware Clarity
• Eddie Money, 67
Empowered Clarity
• Gary Oldman, 58
Aware Clarity
• Kevin Federline, 38
Disciplined Clarity
• Matthew Broderick, 54
Resolute Clarity
• Rani Mukherjee, 38
Disciplined Clarity
• Rosie O’Donnell, 54
Resolute Clarity
• Timothy Dalton, 72
Versatile Clarity
Personality of The Day of Clarity
        March 21 is a pivotal day of the year, traditionally marking the first day of spring and the vernal equinox on which day and night are of equal length. Its characteristics must always be seen as primary in nature. In keeping with their symbolic heritage, March 21 people tend to have forthright and essential personalities, rather than complex or ultra-sensitive ones. They are often misunderstood by others, who find them unwilling or unable to fit into the ordinary social mold. This is because they live life purely on their own terms, an attitude that extends into even the simplest of their everyday actions, tasks and responsibilities.

     Although they may have a touch of the dreamer about them, March 21 people usually have a practical side that outweighs their fanciful tendencies. They have a genius for setting up organizations and structures, but somehow things never turn out quite as they expect. Those same structures, particularly when they are human ones, seem to invariably fall apart. On the good side, something of lasting value usually remains.

     March 21 people are often devoid of overly fiery, aggressive characteristics, preferring to be alone than with those who do not understand them. Because their confidence is a quiet assurance, they may in fact strike others as passive types. Actually it is simply that they do not find it necessary to justify their behavior at all—if others don’t appreciate it, then it’s just too bad for them!

     The physical and aesthetic aspects of life are equally important to March 21 people—thus dancing and other physically graceful activities are perfect for expressing this balance. Those born on this day can be curiously non-verbal, expecting others to sense their thoughts and feelings without explanation. Since they are born leaders, they may in fact find it possible to express their wishes silently or with very few words.

     March 21 people are courageous and stick to their guns when they believe they are right, even if it demands a fight. Though they often give the impression of being curiously uninvolved or unconcerned with what is going on, their anger, once roused, can be terrible. They are at once childlike and child-oriented. If as children they themselves suffered neglect, they will be devoted to giving their children the best.

     Spiritual outlets are very important to March 21 people, whether they be found in conventional religion, devotion and service, or esoteric, mystical pursuits. Those seeking a higher state of consciousness should, however, beware of drugs of any type, as the March 21 aura is one of extreme purity. It is important that those born on this day be left free to practice their unusual, even eccentric forms of self-expression without interference. At worst they will be relatively harmless to those around them and at best prove to be highly inspiring.
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March 21 people can be quite solitary and being left alone for long periods of time is very important for their physical and mental health. Receiving love is of course essential, but only on their terms and according to their own requirements. They do not enjoy smothering displays of affection, nor will they tolerate being nursed or coddled. If they fall sick, they will often cure themselves, sometimes using the most peculiar methods. They can live on quite uncomplicated diets which would bore many others. It is not a highly varied menu which they demand, but rather the stability of well-prepared, consistently healthy food. Dancing is the perfect exercise and relaxed enjoyment for those born on March 21.
The simplest melodies are the hardest to play
Don’t feel sorry for yourself; self-pity is poison. Be more flexible in your dealings with others and learn to forgive and forget. Try to be a bit more accommodating and tactful—make an effort to explain yourself better. Beware of undue pride, and of arrogance.
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