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The Day of Critical Expertise

June Fourth
The Day of Critical Expertise
June Fourth
10 celebrities born this day
• Angelina Jolie, 41
Reformed Critical Expertise
• Bruce Dern, 80
Consolidated Critical Expertise
• Dr. Ruth, 88
Liberated Critical Expertise
• Evan Spiegel, 26
Freed Critical Expertise
• George Noory, 66
Passionate Critical Expertise
• Michelle Phillips, 72
Versatile Critical Expertise
• Noah Wyle, 45
Released Critical Expertise
• Parker Stevenson, 64
Considerate Critical Expertise
• Russell Brand, 41
Reformed Critical Expertise
• Scott Wolf, 48
Individualized Critical Expertise
Personality of The Day of Critical Expertise
        Because of their quick minds and facility with language, June 4 people generally attract attention. When speaking on a subject they can be positively inspirational but when expressing disagreement they are rarely nuanced or diplomatic. Although not necessarily suited for leadership roles, those born on this day may nonetheless find themselves at the top. They can feel insecure in such a position, and must therefore guard against autocratic behavior. Ultimately, they are happier when working as an empowered member of a team.

     June 4 people should beware of surrendering their cherished flexibility in favor of strict rules, dogma and dubious obligation. Those born on this day are never happier than when in the learning stages of a profession or interest, acting the role of student or apprentice and working to perfect themselves. It is important that they always have new projects on the horizon because they can quickly grow dissatisfied with any sort of constricting work that limits their development. In the worst cases, they can take out these frustrations on their family, friends and co-workers.

     June 4 people should put their verbal skills to work in a constructive way, because their critical observations, no matter how insightful, can arouse antagonism. In a word, they should focus less on objective truth and more on human relations. Cultivating a sense of humor relatively free of sarcasm can contribute greatly to this end.

     There is no denying the technical skills of those born on this day, and they often become experts in their field or at least sought after in the workplace. Many June 4 people not only excel at what they do, but are able to bring a healthy dose of structure to their environment. Though they may have mixed feelings about making decisions for others, their organizational skills are impressive, and they are capable of molding diverse individuals into a cohesive and effectual unit.

     June 4 people usually give weight to their intuition, their hunches, and rightly so. They should never make the mistake of thinking too much and allowing the mental part of them to undermine this intuitive power. Often workaholics, they must guard an emotional life likely to dry up if they throw themselves into too many endeavors. Physical urges, both for recreation (competitive sports) and sex, should not be suppressed but expressed. Those born on this day must take time to demonstrate affection for those they love, and to engage in simple daily acts of kindness. Accepting affection is not a problem for June 4 people but accepting help can well be. Learning to both give and receive is an important and ongoing part of their development as human beings.
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Unless June 4 people keep active, they can put on a lot of weight in middle age. Therefore, competitive sports are highly recommended not only for this reason but also to work off aggression. Heavy smoking and drinking are extremely debilitating and must be avoided at all costs. Over a lifetime, a nervous system can go through great changes and though June 4 people may have to calm down a bit in their youth they must later guard against becoming sedentary and complacent. As the years pass, the key for them is to maintain vitality while channeling and conserving their energy. Often traditionalists in regard to eating habits, June 4 people should experiment with new cuisines and food items in order to include a wider variety of nutrients and trace elements in their diet. Acquiring culinary skills is perhaps the best way to expand dietary horizons.
The term “Best Friend” may be a setup for betrayal
Tune in to your higher self. Seek guidance on your path. Don’t be afraid to ask for help—it will be given. Accept yourself as you are, and likewise be more loving and forgiving of others. Take frequent vacations from your work. Learn to do nothing sometimes and empty your mind.
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