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The Day of Passive-Active Duality

July Tenth
The Day of Passive-Active Duality
July Tenth
10 celebrities born this day
• Adrian Grenier, 41
Intentional Passive-Active Duality
• Carlon Jeffery, 24
Responsible Passive-Active Duality
• Fiona Shaw, 59
Aware Passive-Active Duality
• Gale Harold, 48
Transcendent Passive-Active Duality
• Gwendoline Yeo, 40
Instructional Passive-Active Duality
• Jessica Simpson, 37
Confident Passive-Active Duality
• Ron Glass, 72
Tender Passive-Active Duality
• Sofia Vergara, 45
Electric Passive-Active Duality
• Stacey Tookey, 41
Intentional Passive-Active Duality
• Thomas Ian Nicholas, 37
Confident Passive-Active Duality
Personality of The Day of Passive-Active Duality
        Those born on July 10 exhibit a certain detachment their whole life long which can even manifest at their greatest moments of triumph. Personal traits of receptivity, protection, introversion and sensitivity are deeply ingrained in those born on this day, including the most active and outgoing ones. Thus an unusual personality emerges, one which can have drives toward worldly success yet frequently retreats into its own protected sphere.

     Visual talents are particularly evident in those born on this day. July 10 people assimilate impressions from the outside world, either through quiet reflection or direct observation, and give them renewed freshness in their work. Because of their extreme sensitivity to what is going on around them they may prefer to keep a low profile and not call attention to their private life. However, when activity is required to further their career or simply to acquire what they need they will not hesitate to emerge in strength.

     In patiently observing the world, July 10 people develop their own personal philosophy, one that does not necessarily have a strong moral bias. Those who hold anti-establishment viewpoints may live for their personal politics, and later come to be regarded as saints or sinners for their deeds.

     Verbal talents are generally not highly developed in July 10 people. Most are quiet, preferring to observe and act at their own pace. Their lunar nature (as Cancerians) may lend them an unusual charm and appearance that others often find strange—qualities that make them fascinating or repellent in the eye of the beholder.

     More conservative July 10 people are capable of leading very modest, even anonymous lives. Their way of seeking refuge from the world is by blending in with it and remaining unnoticed. Yet at certain critical points in their lives—adolescence, mid-thirties, mid-fifties notably—they are likely to surprise their family and friends by making a sudden departure from their otherwise passive self into a more active mode of existence. Usually they have been gearing up for this change for some years and have a clearly defined purpose.

     July 10 people are not afraid to speak their mind, but generally do so with tact and discretion. Sometimes overly sensitive to the feelings of others, they may compromise their own needs, postpone life decisions and generally soften their desires, to avoid inflicting pain. Such a tendency to procrastinate or deny themselves, to avoid facing the natural facts of their existence invariably works against them. They must beware of waiting too long and thus losing valuable opportunities.
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July 10 people must beware of passivity or a detached attitude in the face of illness, particularly regarding chronic difficulties. For this reason, regular checkups by a doctor as well as ongoing massage, home remedies and other forms of prevention are recommended. July 10 people as a rule appreciate what is offered them to eat, but are advised to develop their own cooking skills so that they will be forced to make choices and take a more active role in controlling their diet. Only moderate exercise (walking, swimming) is recommended.
Understanding begins, but does not end, with the act of perception
Take a more active role in the life around you; your shyness is a barrier to your self-expression. Be more forthright. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes or appear foolish. Give up the false security of judging from afar.
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