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The Day of the Rock

August Thirtieth
The Day of the Rock
August Thirtieth
8 celebrities born this day
• Andy Roddick, 33
Tender Rock
• Cameron Diaz, 43
Mastered Rock
• David Paymer, 61
Articulate Rock
• Lewis Black, 67
Satisfied Rock
• Lisa Ling, 42
Consolidated Rock
• Michael Chiklis, 51
Enchanted Rock
• Michael Michele, 49
Innocent Rock
• Warren Buffett, 85
Discovered Rock
Personality of The Day of the Rock
        The extremely capable people born on August 30 are rock-solid where their strengths are concerned. Particularly good with money, they usually enjoy dealing with finance and take great pride in the successful management of company, personal or family funds. Whatever their field of interest, most born on this day seek tangible results in their work and prefer not to venture into speculative or unrealistic areas. Generally, the home of an August 30 person is well-ordered, comfortable and carefully arranged to meet material needs and wants.

     Most August 30 people are confident in their ability to handle most any situation, sometimes overly so. However, attracting people who become dependent on them due to their August 30 stability may prove to be an enormous load for them to bear. Indeed able to shoulder great responsibilities, even August 30 people will one day reach their limit. If they feel a need to distance themselves from dependents, they will probably experience some measure of guilt. Therefore, such August 30 people, although flattered by hangers-on will eventually regret having encouraged them. If they become aware of what they have done and their true motives for doing so, they will have taken a step forward in their personal growth.

     The great confidence and self-possession of August 30 people is not necessarily the best thing for their children and mates. All kinds of inferiorities can manifest in those close to August 30 people, particularly in the material areas of life. The presence of a parent with the organizational skills of an August 30 person can be somewhat stifling, and promote indecisiveness in their children. Therefore parents born on August 30 must insure that their children assume increasing, but not crushing, responsibilities around the house.

     Those born on this day should endeavor to teach their skills to their children and mates with an eye toward enhancing their abilities and making them more self-sufficient people. Although August 30 people often wish to set strict rules around the house, they have to fight any tendency to be overauthoritarian, inflexible, unaccepting or unfair.

     August 30 people may be accused by others from time to time of being overly materialistic. Actually, however, it is mental organization and working systems that appeal to them, not a lust for property. Even those August 30 people unconcerned with money are generally more than capable of organizing and directing everything from household chores to large scale projects. The pragmatic individuals born on this day are indeed ones to have around when tangible results are the goal.
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Those born on August 30 must beware of excesses of all types when it comes to material pleasures. Too often they look on the world as their very own private playground of the senses, and therefore overdo it when it comes to eating, drinking and recreation. August 30 people must beware of overindulging in fat, sugar or meat consumption, perhaps first scaling back in the area of meat and dairy, then bringing excess sugars and starches under control. In addition to weight problems, August 30 people are prone to tobacco and alcohol addiction, which must be dealt with before debilitating and chronic physical ailments arise (particularly liver, stomach, esophageal or cardio-pulmonary difficulties). For all but serious athletes, only moderate physical exercise is recommended here.
The only rule—is the exception
Beware of fostering dependency in others; teach your children to be self-sufficient. Be flexible when it comes to rules; don’t feel you have to control every aspect of your environment. Cultivate your spiritual side and look beyond what this world has to offer.
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